Fundamental to the work of HOS, it is our belief that true, transforming change can only take place with a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. So, it is our desire to see these women firmly established in healthy and growing communities of faith where God is their center. With this, we hope that they are able to experience more of God’s love, share that love with others by serving their community, and glorify God in all that they say and do.

As a Christian organization, we offer opportunities for the women to know God. We are connected to a local church they are able to attend, have weekly Bible studies, and often come together to worship, encourage, and pray for one another. We do not force Christianity upon them, but allow them to make the decision for themselves. Regardless of belief, we are a family and see the importance of encouraging one another and walking along side of each other in our journeys.


Counseling is an integral part of their time at Home of the Swallow. Many of these women have experienced traumatic events in their lives and come from difficult backgrounds and often need professional counseling to help them work through these pains and find wholeness.


With education being very important, we encourage and help the women study and obtain their certificate for basic schooling, if they have not done so already. The women are also taught English (or Thai if they cannot read or write), as well as other comprehension skills in order to equip them to find suitable employment. If they have completed their basic education and have a desire to seek further formal education, we do our best in assisting them to make their dreams a reality.


The women are taught simple life skills such as cooking, cleaning, hygiene, self-care, and how to have healthy relationships. In addition to the basics, we also see it to be important tools for the women to learn time management, positive decision-making, how to budget for a household, budget personally, and even how to share what they have with others in need.


Before the women start working, they are taught many important skills for the workplace, such as responsibility, integrity, and money management. After about 3 months (depending on the woman’s progress), the women are required to work part time Monday through Friday, whether that be a respectable job in the community or making on handicrafts at home. We seek to give the girls healthy experiences, encourage a good work ethic, and give a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.


The women are taught basic parenting skills such as child health and nutrition, child development, appropriate discipline, and most importantly, how to love and spend quality time with their children.


The women and children live together in a house under the supervision of our housemother. Many of the women come from dangerous and unhealthy situations, so to have a safe and loving place for them to call home is absolutely crucial to their rehabilitation. So, the location of the home will not be widely disclosed.


For the mothers already on the path to independent living, we provide a safe, educational, and affordable daycare in a loving environment for their children to attend while they go to work. Our nursery staff are well- trained and follow current safety standards and child protection policies to ensure that every child is well cared for. We encourage learning and development through many mediums (indoor/ outdoor play, music, singing, books, crafts, field trips, etc.) and the children are able receive a head start in their education in English & Chinese, and other interpersonal/social skills. With the help of the nursery, our mothers are now able to secure and maintain a steady job to provide for their families, and the children are able to reach their greatest potential with a more promising future. 

Our Core Foundation to Rehabilitation

Home of the Swallow is a project of the Family Connection Foundation, a fully licensed social foundation in Thailand. Find out more about FCF at www.fcfthailand.org

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