Meet Our Team!


Project Director

Apple is the Project Director at Home of the Swallow. She works tirelessly counseling the women, coordinating and teaching different trainings, networking/communicating with other organizations (including the government) in Thailand, and performing various tasks that keep HOS thriving, all while leading a local Thai church and being a mom of two beautiful girls. Apple has a strong passion to see children remaining in families and wants to see the women being confident independent mothers to their children while discovering their infinite worth and purpose in Christ. She not only wants to see their lives radically transformed, but to be women of God who then make an even bigger impact in the lives of those around them.


House Mother

Ako is HOS's House Mother (or Super Mum as we like to call her). Her and her husband Arjek live at the Home with the mothers and babies to walk along side of them in their transformations and to ensure their safety. Ako cares for the mothers and babies by teaching them many valuable life skills, while providing a great amount of advice, love and encouragement. If being a full time mum and grandma to many women and babies is not tiring enough, she also loves to play with the children at the daycare, cook, lead worship and bible studies, and help other families in the community. Ako has a huge heart to see families restored and fall deeply in love with God and their children, and to be the best parents that they can be.



On a "normal" day, Aek is responsible for the Accounting and Administration at HOS. However, from being the house's handyman to running different errands, he is a man of many talents and helps in more ways than we can list. When Aek is not busy doing various tasks to keep our ministry running properly, we can always find him spending time with our babies. Aek is such an amazing role model and someone that our mothers and babies can respect, look up to, and be loved by in appropriate ways. With such a servant heart, he will do whatever he can to ensure that all of our women and children grow up in a loving family and in turn, experience the love of Christ.


Daycare Manager

Air works part-time at HOS's Little Nest Daycare as the daycare manager. She organizes staff meetings to make sure things are running smoothly, reports to the government so that the daycare can pass all regulations and remain certified, and manages the curriculum for the children. She has such a genuine love for children and a strong passion to see them thriving in their education and development. As well as coming to know their worth in the Lord, and building a strong foundation for a bright and hopeful future. She never wants any child to slip through the cracks and wants to continue to reach out to more poor families in the community so that every child can have an opportunity for education. 


Daycare Coordinator

Uay is the Daycare Coordinator for the HOS Little Nest Daycare. She is responsible for planning all of the children’s daily activities and supervising all of the daycare staff. She has a gifting in creative play and loves to teach the children through singing, dancing, outdoor games, crafts, sports and much more. Uay has a heart to see our children reach their full potential and be given every opportunity they can to learn, develop and grow. She is an amazing example to the children and truly loves them like her own. 


Women's Work Project Developer

As the Women's Work Project Developer, Jen works with the women to determine how to integrate their interests and skills as they seek sustainable, dignified employment before transitioning to living independently. She also helps mentor the women and develop partnerships with other organizations and donors. Her hope is for the women to become confident and independent mothers to their children, deeply understand their immense value in Christ, fall in love with Jesus, and ultimately offer their lives and experiences as avenues through which God draws others to Himself. Jen and her husband, Minh, have five amazing children together.


Project Developer

Shay volunteers full-time as the project developer and helps in variety of ways with administration, English correspondence, fundraising, coordinating with volunteers, web/media design, teaching Thai/English, and loving on the mother and babies. Although Shay often works behind the scenes, she sees this as an important role to empower the Thai people to make a greater impact in their own communities. She desires to see the women find their worth in the Lord, reach their greatest potential, be loving mothers to their children, and be a testimony of God's love and grace in all that they do.



Amanda spent 7+ years taking care of orphaned children and was overwhelmed by so many young mothers who wanted to keep their children, but had no support to do so as they had been rejected by their families. From this ever-pressing need, she established Home of the Swallow in 2007. Her desire was to see babies remain with their birth mums and provide avenues of support to make that possible. She has since returned to Australia, but HOS has continued to grow and its vision has continued to thrive!

Home of the Swallow is a project of the Family Connection Foundation, a fully licensed social foundation in Thailand. Find out more about FCF at

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