Home of the Swallow is a Christian organization that exists to empower disadvantaged mothers in Thailand, who have unplanned pregnancies, and are facing cultural, economic, and/or family pressures to abort or reject their child. Through a holistic approach, we provide opportunities for education, counseling, life/job-skill training, parenting classes, and emotional support within a safe and loving environment, all with the aim of empowering these women to become loving independent mothers to their children. Not only making a difference in their child's life, but making an impact in the lives of those around them as well.


Our mission is to reduce the number of children being aborted, abandoned, given up for adoption, exploited, or otherwise placed in the care of people other than their birth parents. Seeing the vast heart-breaking effects separation from a mother or father has on a child, our desire is to see all children remaining in their families and being raised by loving and nurturing parents.

In order to reverse the cycle of child-abandonment and broken families, we work with single and pregnant women who feel unable to care for their children. They come and stay at our Home where we provide for all their essential needs, as well as provide opportunities for education, weekly counseling, life/job skills training, and parenting courses, all within a loving Christian family environment. Through this, we aim to empower these women to be responsible loving mothers who are able to provide a more hopeful future for them and their children.

Our vision is to not just see the lives of our women and children being transformed, but that they would feel inspired and passionate about reaching out and helping those who are struggling as well.

In an effort to reach out to the disadvantaged community and support these families, we started the Little Nest Daycare. It is a safe, educational, and loving daycare for the children to attend while their parents go to work. We want to see these children learning, developing, and growing in order to reach their greatest potential and have a promising life, where they can not only thrive, but can help others as well.


To learn more about our work, find out how to partner with us, or any other questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Office: 052.088.180

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Home of the Swallow is a project of the Family Connection Foundation, a fully licensed social foundation in Thailand. Find out more about FCF at www.fcfthailand.org

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