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Home of the Swallow is a Christian organization that aims to empower at-risk mothers in Thailand who experience unplanned pregnancies and face cultural, economic, and familial pressures to abort or reject their child. 

We are a project under The Family Connection Foundation, founded by Tim and Denise Dunham. FCF's vision is to love God, love people, and build His Kingdom. 


Our objective is to reduce the number of children being aborted, abandoned, given up for adoption, exploited, or otherwise placed in the care of people other than their birth parents. In an effort to reach out to and support vulnerable families in our communities, we started the Baby Bird Project, a safe, educational, and loving daycare for children ages 1-4 to attend while their parents work. We want to see these children learning, developing, and growing in order to reach their greatest potential and have a promising life, where they can not only thrive, but can help others as well.

Over time, our organization has served over 100 different families, some of whom have joined our organization to continue serving other women navigating the uncertainties of unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, the services we provide have expanded to encompass skills training, professional therapy, and educational scholarships.

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