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Spiritual & Emotional Support

As a Christian organization, we offer opportunities for the women to know God. We never force but rather allow the women to learn more about God if they choose. Regardless of belief, we are a family and see the importance of encouraging and walking alongside one another in our journeys.

Life & Job Skill Training

The women gain skills that enable them to navigate the everyday challenges of life, whether that be in or outside the home. From the basics (cooking, cleaning, self care) to the workplace (time management, decision-making, budgeting), we strive to ensure the women are equipped for success after leaving our program.


Our staff are well trained and follow child safety and protection standards to ensure that every child is engaged and well cared for. We encourage learning through many activities (music, books, crafts, field trips, etc.), so the children are able receive a head start in their education. With the help of the Baby Bird Project, our mothers are able to focus on job skills training that will allow them to provide and care for their families in the future. 


The education we may take for granted is often a luxury for the women we serve. We provide opportunities for further education to equip them for suitable employment. If they have completed their basic education and want further formal education, we do our best in assisting them to make their dreams a reality.

Safe Environment 

The women and children live together in a house under the supervision of our nurturing, encouraging house parents. Many of the women come from dangerous and unhealthy situations, so to have a safe and loving place for them to call home is absolutely crucial.

Parenting Training 

The women are taught basic parenting skills such as child health and nutrition, child development, and the love and logic approach to appropriate discipline. Even more importantly, we show them how to develop a secure attachment and spend quality time with their children.


Many of these women have experienced trauma and come from difficult backgrounds. We connect our women to professional services to help them work through these pains and cultivate an emotionally healthy foundation.

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