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Merry Christmas!

As we rejoice in the miracle of God with us - Immanuel - we hope that your will celebrate another gift of life in the testimony below.  

We also are rejoicing at God supplying Christmas fund through a few of you!  Many thanks for blessing our ladies and staff in this way! 

When Louise’s older brother contacted us via Facebook, we explained to him that HOS helps support single moms who want to raise their babies themselves. He asked whether it would be possible to support Louise staying here. Louise’s parents were hoping she could stay at HOS, give birth and give the baby up for adoption.  After this, they planned for her to return home and continue her education, but not tell anyone that she had been pregnant. Then Louise told us she was raped by her boyfriend. We asked why her parents didn’t tell the police, but her parents wanted to keep the story a secret. Louise had told Apple but didn’t want anyone else to know about this. Her boyfriend is also the same age (16) and not ready for the responsibility of starting or supporting a family. In the beginning, she was quiet and didn’t want to talk much to others, she was very sad. She learned about the Bible and God’s love and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior after about a month here. After that she had more hope, joy and happiness, and began growing spiritually. She really loves kids and other women asked her to look after their kids when they were busy with household chores or it was their turn to help with cooking. We saw that she had a soft heart for kids. After she gave birth, she quickly formed a strong attachment with her baby. Louise’s mom was there for the birth and immediately loved the baby. Her brother came to visit Louise and loved the baby too. Her parents then changed their plan. Rather than Louise going back to live with her family, her parents planned to send her to a dormitory and for her baby to go to a children’s home and then be adopted.  Her heart broke when she realized she still needed to leave her baby at an orphanage. Apple and Ako tried to explain to her brother and her mother that an orphanage is less than ideal for kids who have families who are able to care for them. Apple shared her experience working in an orphanage, that the kids always asked why their parents had abandoned them there. Louise’s mom cried when she heard this and said she wanted to take care of the baby, but in the Hmong tribal culture, having a baby without being married is not accepted by villagers or neighbors. Apple shared the gospel and what we believe, that life has value - and the baby has a right to be with her family. We continued to pray and Louise’s brother contacted Louise and agreed to help to speak to their parents about taking care of the baby. If they would allow Louise to raise her baby then he would help Louise take care of the baby and continue her education after he graduates from college in April. After this conversation, Louise had bright hope in her life. But then her aunt called Louise and said she couldn’t agree to Louise raising her baby. For the second time, she was heartbroken. We didn’t know what to do other than continue praying -  with our church and local missionaries and staff. God miraculous changed her parents’ hearts to allow her to raise her baby at HOS and study to be an assistant nurse (her dream) in the future. Her parents want her to continue her education. Her parents are supportive of her plan to live at HOS for at least 2 years. It was truly through God’s miraculous provision that her parents opened their hearts to have Louise live at HOS with her baby. At this point all of the family are reconciled to each other and their relationships are good. Praising God for His faithfulness and sovereignty!

Louise says, “I’m happy to be here and have a friend of the same age to do life with me.”

We want to thank you all SO much!


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