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Thanking the Lord for You!

Thank you to our prayer and financial supporters who have poured into our ministry of missions and family-based care. Your investment in the kingdom through our work with years of women at Home of the Swallow has been more than humbling to us. We truly could not be in ministry if it weren’t for your commitment to the gospel and to the caring of the marginalized.  Your prayers and your financial gifts matter!

Because of the generosity of several people, Home of the Swallow was able to provide for some necessities for the women and their children at Christmas.  There was enough given that we were also able to bless the children of the local church with gifts such as towels or other small items.  The children and their families were encouraged and greatly blessed by this act of love.  

Prayer Requests:

  • We have new women at the house.  

  • Pray for their integration.

  • Pray for wisdom as we make some adjustments for our women - trying to help them prepare for life after HOS.

  • There are so many variables, it gets complicated.

  • Pray for health - between the "unhealthy" air in the area and the threat of Coronavirus - we have an at-risk population.  

  • Pray for financial provisions. 


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